(After) Freezing 01


First things first the first episode of  the Freezing anime takes place bit before the first chapter of the manga.  It begins with the Sophmore Carnival which is some sort of mock battle.  After the initial fighting scenes the main heroine(Bridget) who is participating in this event makes her appearance and takes out many girls at once.  Then a scene in a class where what a Pandora what all the female characters are is.  During this scene it goes to flash back mode where they show the Nova some beings from another dimension that Pandoras fight(some gore in this flashback).    The protagonist(Aoi)  is introduced mid episode.  The last few minutes of the episode returned to the carnival where Bridget continues to defeat people.  She than gets called out by Genessa and during their fight our protagonist Aoi see’s Bridget from behind and thinks she’s his long lost sister and embraces her.


Interesting thing about this episode most of it takes place before the beginning of the manga.  Literally the last scene of this episode was the first scene of the manga.  I liked how they showed the whole carnival rather than how the manga only showed the end of it.  The way they executed this episode made it so that people can understand the concepts in the storyline from the start, so it’s more accessible this way.  On a side note Bridget is hot XD.  Looking forward to the next ep.




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